Deer Control

Deer can be a nuisance to home owners. They have also been known to carry ticks that can transmit diseases to humans. It is no fun looking out your window to see your leaves and flowers nibbled off of your plants. Unfortunately deer never take vacations and can cause damage all year round.

There is no 100% surefire guarantee that local deer will not do some damage to your plants. But there are things that can be done to deter them or make them feel unwelcome enough for them to move along.

  • Install plants that are less palatable to deer (succulents)
  • Permanent for temporary fencing or netting to protect your plants can be effective
  • Dog ownership can be a deterrent
  • Motion activated yard lights or sprinklers can work as a deterrent for a period of time, however deer can learn that they are in no physical danger and start to ignore these
  • Hunting can reduce the population, but is regulated by state and town ordinances. Check with both to get legal clearance.
  • Plant denture sprays are also effective and work even better when used in conjunction with one or more of the other deterrents.

We provide year long monthly deer spray plant repellent applications. The sprays work as scent and taste deterrents that help discourage and modify their feeding behavior.  We rotate different products throughout the seasons so the deer do not get comfortable with a certain smell or taste.

What to Expect After Spraying

  • Depending on the product that we use there are times when a white residue is left on the plants. This is normal, however you can request a product that leaves no residue.
  • Sprays will deter deer from consuming all of you plants. It will not deter them from entering or passing through your property.
  • The repellents work by smell and taste. There is the possibility of minor damage due to deer sampling the plant and finding out they don’t like this taste. The damage usually stops there.
*If deer are facing starvation, particularly in winter, they will eat a plant with repellent applied to it rather than starve to death.