Aeration is a mechanical process of removing soil plugs or cores from your lawn. This will aid in releaving compact soils that make it difficult for grass roots to grow.

This process of core aeration creates voids that:

  • Allow better water uptake
  • Improve air exchange between the atmosphere and soil
  • Increased nutrient uptake and use
  • It improves drainage and water runoff
  • It helps control thatch breakdown
  • It creates a  space for new grass seed to grow if you decide to over seed


ZPlug Machine

Why Overseeding?

Overseeding is important because after several years, mature grass plants reproduction rate begins to slow down. Young grass has much higher reproduction rate than older grass. Young, new grass is the key to maintaining a dense, thick, full lawn. The addition of newimproved varieties of grass seed can also aid with better insect, disease or drought resistance for your lawn.

When Is The Best Time to Overseed?

Fall is the best time to overseed. By overseeding in the fall the competition from grassy wees like crabgrass is reduced. The soil and air temperatures are ideal for seed germination and growth. Most importantly the new grass will have the fall growing season and the following spring growing season to establish itself before the hot, dry conditions of summer.